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Service of Ideal Windlass

Our team at Schaefer Marine continues to provide service on existing Ideal Windlass models. We are working to expand the information available to you. Here are some PDF’s that can help in identifying and understanding your windlass:






Service information is organized by windlass size and then by model.

Windlasses build from the mid 90’s on have a number in the model number which indicates the size. Windlasses built before the mid 90’s do not have a number listed in the model designation.

These model numbers start with an “H” for horizontal, or a “V” for vertical followed by a number and another letter.

  • Example, V1C, is a vertical size one.
The following list is for almost all our model numbers by size:

SIZE 1: APC-20, CAM, CWM, H1F, H1E, MM, MCW, V1A & V1C

SIZE 2: H2F, H2E, MCWA, V2A & V2C

SIZE 3: A, ACW, ACWH, APC-35, CHWSO, H3F, H3E, H3M, V3A & V3C

SIZE 4: BACW, H4F, H4E, V4A & V4C

SIZE 5: APC-60, B, BHW, G2HC, GHWSC, H5F, H5E, H5M, V5A & V5C

*If you cannot determine your Model number email a picture of the windlass and we can usually determine it for you. If you cannot find the information you need, let us know and we will attempt to get you what you need. We are working to add as much information possible on each windlass, so please bear with us as we collect and add the information.

There are many older windlasses, custom models, modified models and some models have several versions that make it impossible to cover all the bases. We support and service almost everything built by Ideal Windlass Co. and our commitment to keeping your windlass working is unparalleled.