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Battslide® products work on mainsails with both full and regular length battens; on boats ranging from 20 feet to 200 feet; and on your existing spar*. Battslide® will allow you to safely and easily handle your mainsail in all conditions.

The Battslide® Mainsail System consists of three major components:

Battslide® Headboard System
Battslide® Full-length Batten Receptacles
Battslide® Intermediate Slides

The Battslide® headboard system
is designed to counter the loading problems created by traditional headboard slides. These loads, concentrated on the headboard especially when reefed, contributed to the difficulty of raising and lowering the mainsail. The Battslide® headboard system has adjustable studs and articulating slides that reduce headboard friction making raising and lowering the mainsail easier.
Battslide® full-length batten receptacles
create a 6-way articulating link between the batten and mast. As full-length battens are compressed (inducing shape), friction is created against the back of the mast and the sail. Battslide® receptacles allow for batten compression, evenly loading the sail slides and eliminating twisting, binding and friction. Battslide® offers the most complete full-batten receptacles on the market. They even have the ability to tension the batten at the receptacle.
Battslide® intermediate 3-axis adjustable sail slide
incorporates the rigid Magic Shackle to prevent sail slides from twisting and binding. This twisting creates friction between the sail slides and the mast, preventing the mainsail from flaking. Used on both traditional mainsails and on full-battened mains between battens, Battslide intermediates prevent the sail from twisting and binding, allowing the mainsail to be raised and lowered smoothly.
Battslide® will end your mainsail handling problems.
Proven reliable over hundreds of thousands of ocean miles, Battslide® works on virtually every boat in the world. Consult your sailmaker for information on how Battslide® can solve your mainsail problems.**

* Battslide® components are compatible with most Harken, Antal, Frederiksen, Strong, Facnor and other popular car and track systems. Also works well with 5/8″ and 7/8″ sail track.

** Battslide® manufactures slides and receptacles for virtually every spar and sail. Consult your sailmaker for detailed information and specifications on all Battslide® components and the correct system for your boat.