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Boom Furlers

For years, Schaefer Marine has been a leader in headsail furling and reefing systems. Now we bring the same levels of quality and engineering to a new boom furler that finally solves the problems of reefing, lowering and safely stowing the main – even modern, full-batten, high-roach sails built for performance.


Schaefer Marine’s Boom Furling System is the result of years of research, design and sailing. Proven over thousands of miles of use, our unique Patented Articulating Sail Track enables you to reef or furl on any point of sail all from the safety of the cockpit.

It is the most advanced solution for mainsail reefing and furling. The unique Sail Track and feeder combine to precisely transfer any full battened main to the mandrel located within the boom – without snags or jams – and with battens perfectly aligned.

Equally significant, reefing is easily and safely accomplished by one person on any point of sail – without changing course, heading up into the wind or leaving the cockpit.

Boom furling has always been a great idea. It took Schaefer engineering to make it a flawless one.

Batten and Receptacle

Schaefer batten end receptacle and sail luff tape are supported by Schaefer’s sailtrack, absorbing batten compression loads and reducing sail chafe.

Sail Articulation

Sail Track shown articulating on the system axis.

Track Head Fitting

Upper sheave assembly with two aluminum ball bearing sheaves further reduce friction.

Sail Track

Entire system articulates on the same axis, for easy hoisting, reefing and stowing at any apparent wind angle.

Boom Ends

Open-view boom ends allow visual inspection of all internal parts for confidence while reefing and furling.

Furling Drum

Placing the furler drum at the aft end of the boom eliminates the need to drill large holes through the mast to mount the drum forward of the mast where it can foul lines.

  1. Oversized Torlon bearings are set in angular contact races to absorb high compression loads and minimize friction
  2. Torlon ball bearings reduce friction to make hoisting, reefing or furling effortless.
  3. Aft drum perfectly aligns track with gooseneck, for easy furling and reefing on all points of sail.
  4. Heavy duty fixed rigid vang for correct alignment and support.
  5. Use our wide array of turning blocks, foot blocks, and mast-mounted bearing blocks for proper leads to the cockpit.
  6. Furls any mainsail, even modern, high-performance, full batten mains.