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About Ideal Windlass

The Ideal Windlass Company was founded in 1936 by the late Burton S. Raymond. Mr. Raymond was a yachtsman, lobsterman and shipyard owner who extensively used the products, which he designed and manufactured. He first made electric winches to haul up lobster pots, and through the frustration of burning up the motors with the constant, uninterrupted use in hauling pots; he realized that they would work perfectly for the short duration of raising an anchor.

Ideal’s growth was rapid and it supplied the U.S. Navy with windlasses and cable retrievers for sub chasers and mine sweepers throughout WWII and then through the Korean Conflict. At the same time the company was supplying most of the U.S. pleasure craft industry. Ideal’s client list over the years has included Bertram, Viking, Chris Craft, Tollycraft, Bayliner, Ocean Yachts, Broward, Burger, Hinckley/Little Harbor, Roscioli and Palmer Johnson to name a few.

Burton S. Raymond Jr. continued his father’s work at Ideal, choosing to concentrate on the pleasure craft market. New designs were created and the business continued its growth. Mr. Raymond ran the company until the late 1970’s when his son Cliffe joined the business. He expanded and updated Ideal’s line using his experience of being brought up around both the water and the family business.

In 1997 Cliffe and his wife Betsy acquired the company and  honoring his grandfather’s philosophy of building simple, functional, rugged equipment. This combined with superior customer service and custom capabilities affords Ideal its reputation as a builder of top quality equipment.

In October of 2016, Ideal Windlass was acquired by Schaefer Marine and is now handled out of our New Bedford, Massachusetts headquarters. Our team will now service all Ideal Windlass clients for both purchases, repairs, and refurbishments. Reach us at 508-995-9511 or email our Windlass team directly at Ideal@SchaeferMarine.com