Boom Furler FAQ’s

Schaefer’s New Mainsail Furler “Answers All Your Questions”

Q: Why put a mainsail furler on your boat?

Q: What are the different types of mainsail furling & reefing systems?

Q: Schaefer stores the mainsail in the boom. Why?

Q: What are the advantages of Schaefer's boom furfing?

Q: What makes Schaefer boom furlers better?

Q: What about reefing when you're under sail?

Q: How does the boom furler work?

Q: That's all there is to it?

Q: Doesn't the mandrel develop more friction when you reef in a strong wind?

Q: Does Schaefer's furling boom weigh more than a regular boom?

Q: What other materials are used?

Q: Can I use my old mainsail with a Schaefer boom furling system?

Q: What about storing the sail?

Q: What about safety: does Schaefer's boom furler make a real difference?