feeder_150Precision engineered feeders, made of high quality 316 stainless steel, fit neatly over the finished Tuff Luff foil. The feeder guides the sail luff into the extrusion for a flawless hoist every time.

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Extrusion ID Feeder Shipping Weight
1205 1205-02 1lb. (454g)
1706 1706-02 1lb. (454g)
2206 2206-02 1lb. (454g)
3007 3007-02 1lb. (454g)
4807 4807-02 1lb. (454g)
6008 6008-02 2lb. (908g)
7608 7608-02 N/A
TL-1003 TL-1003-02 N/A
TL-1400 TL-1400-02 N/A