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New Product! Check out Schaefer's Battslide Track for Boats 30'-45'
New! Battslide Track

Battslide Combination Receptacle #450 and Battslide Combination Receptacle #401 on #803 slides in Battslide Track
Intermediate #885 on standard 3/4" slide.

Battslide's new Mainsail Track System accepts 7/8" flat slides. This is a simple way to replace worn or damaged sail track without re-engineering the sail.

Key features of the new Battslide track are:

  • "C" shape track protects internal sliding surfaces from damage
  • Lightweight anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, pre-drilled for #10 FH fasteners on 3" centers
  • Fits curved and flat mast contours
  • Captive aluminum joints ensure track alignment
  • Removable "track gate" for loading sail, usually installed 25" from bottom end to allow a low slide stack.
  • Smooth glass reinforced nylon end stops
  • For boats from 30 - 45 ft. approx.

This system works with standard Battslide slides, part #803, and our intermediate fittings (#886, 888) working in conjunction with our headboard fitting #844.

#401 Receptacle, #803 Slide and Battslide Track shown with gate open. Note the captive joints that assure track alignment.

The Allslip slides also can be utilized, which work well with our intermediate fittings.

Track cross section

Part #8750 system kit includes the following:

  • Six lengths of 7'7" long track
  • One length track 25" as bottom length
  • One 4" removal gate, seven track joints
  • Two end stops
  • Total system track length: 47'10"